Sunday, October 22, 2006

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Today, Half-Life 2 got a little love thrown its way: my cousin and I began a shared play-through. When you play HL2, you truly realize how much better it is in Episode 1, with Alyx's constant companionship. I absolutely love how each of the Half-life 2 family of games (HL2, Deathmatch, Lost Coast, Ep1 and EP2) is subtly different from the others, while retaining the same elements (basic gameplay, weapons, enemies, etc.)

-HL2 is half creepy Orwellian tale, and half Rebellious action move (and 100% Awesome!)
-Deathmatch has the same level design (adapted, but recognizably levels you saw when you played SP), but it has a less urgent feel to it, mostly because the battles are objective-free.
-Lost Coast is a neat side-trip, but has only 1 NPC to interact with, and a more opulent visual design.
-Ep 1 is all action-movie, with undertones of conspiracy (what IS the message?*)

*If you played the game, you'll know. Everyone else, move along. Nothin' to see here.

Now, if you've played the games, you will be saying "That's Obvious", but when you think about it, how often do you find games so similar, and yet so different? The problem in the industry these days is too many copies of other developers' games (GTA, anyone?). That Valve has kept the gameplay fresh and interesting is an oddity. Now, before I go on, I will clarify something: Valve does not equal God. I just happen to enjoy their games very much. If one of their games is sub-par, I will not only say so, I will be all the more ready to point it out.

Moving along, next weekend should prove to be interesting. I'm working on a get-together on the Saturday, and there appears to be something brewing Gingerwolf's way (which is sounding good). I hope I don't have much homework next weekend...

On one last piece of videogaming news, I have the demo for Medieval II: Total War installed. My friend has played a few battles, and I expect to give it a whirl soon. Expect some first impressions in this space soon.

Ok, on to some actual commentary (which I've been a bit lazy about of late. Apologies). Let's see what's in the paper....

Text assimilation commencing... .... ... ... Complete.

Pardon the pun, but this is too HOT a topic to pass up (how I wish it was about Carmen Electra, but alas 'tis not so.) The Globe and Mail ran today the story of the 8-year-old who pushed a disabled 14 - year - old into a burning shed and locked him there. The funny stopped at the first sentence of this paragraph. This is fucking SICK, and I'm referring to the mental - ie. psychotic - meaning of the word here. Now, the kid says he was threatened by a pair of older girls with physical violence if he did not commit the act. I'm prepared to believe him, so most of my ire will be directed toward those two girls here. Here follows an open address to the pair:

Dear Girls,

Should the testimony of the 8-year-old you allegedly bullied prove true, I find you a disgrace to not only females everywhere, but to humanity itself. Social hierarchies, and - to some extent - bullying are inevitable in childhood, but inciting another human being to commit what nearly amounted to MURDER is for dictators, and religious fanatics. The saying may be "Forgive, but never Forget", but in your case, I believe neither is acceptable. You may prove yourselves exemplary people in your later lives, or not. Either way, this act should cost you both sleep and sanity in later years. Even the total loss of both is better than you deserve.


Now I know it is easy to judge, but there is no way that what was done can be excused! If I have ever endangered anyone's life in my past, it is most likely my own. Now, if these two girls do grow up to become fine people, all the more power to them. One can only hope...


Silicone-Gel Breast implants will apparently be allowed back on the market in Canada. This deserves at least a paragraph.

I'm of two minds about this one. Firstly, I love the idea that someday, people will be able to modify even their genetic structure, truly choosing who they want to be. As such, I can't really argue with the desire to 'improve' one's own body. On the other hand, I think that implants are largely (no pun intended) unnecessary. There are very few breasts that are not attractive, and most are certainly well-suited to the shape of the possessor. Now, in the case where a woman has had a mastectomy, or has improperly developed, that's fine. But if a woman feels as if she needs larger breasts, it's a sad thing, because the pair she has is likely very attractive to someone's eyes. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, after all. So before getting surgery, try to find the right beholder, instead :P. Finally, on a non-aesthetic level, has no one ever heard of PERSONALITY? I hear that nice, interesting people are all kinds of fun no matter what they look like. And if you must have them, I believe there are safer alternatives out there...

(Female readers, weigh in on this, please. I'm curious to know a) what you think, and b) if I'm tackling this issue properly. Male readers: can I get a "Hellz Yeah!" on "very few breasts are not attractive"?* General comments are-of course - always welcome for all readers)

*Note: I am not attempting to objectify women. I am simply of the opinion that the female form is biology's ultimate work of art.


France is instituting policy to ensure that racial bias is not a factor when it comes to hiring. Personal data will not be available to those in charge of actually hiring based on résumés. The article goes on to say that it the law's effectiveness cannot be verified under French law (it forbids the collection of racial data). I say that's all for the better. The real concern is that the best applicants are hired, regardless of race or gender. The measures in France are regrettable (in that bias is still alive and kicking), but a possible step in preventing large segregated communities from staying that way. Kudos to France, and here's hoping that someday, such legislation won't be necessary to keep people honest. Perhaps G A M E O V E R can be averted...


Final Notes: Screw YouTube! --->This<---- is where the funny shit is at. Must watch videos: "How to talk like a Pirate", "Pimp my Chair", and "Rejected 'Get a Mac' ads". All of it is great, though, so watch as many as you can get away with! Avast! I gunna be returnin' to this space on the 'morrow, homework willin'. Keep me grog from gettin' warm while I be away!


GoldMatenes said...

Looking at it from the animal perspective...

Your comments on breast implants was incomplete. Though there is always someone somewhere who likes a particular pair, they may never find this particular person.

Besides, society in general favours the well-proportioned. Why? Because it's attractive. Why? Because society favours it.

And so on and so on...

Once again, basic instinct is involved. Sign of fertility blah blah blah.

Also, there are many girls with large ones who never get talked about. Why? Because they're happy. Not every girl, large or small, wants them.

I say, if it makes them happy, go ahead.
If it also gets them ahead in life, go ahead.
(people might think that's not a nice thing to say, but why should you lose out on bonuses and keep your self-esteem low "JUST BECAUSE"?)

Loud said...

You are indeed correct on those points. I am less opposed to the implants than the motives. If the woman feels compelled by outside forces (an ex's unkind comments, media, etc), I think it's almost an affront to her natural beauty.

My policy is not to tell people what not to do, but to at least make them double check before they make a decision. Doubly so if it's one they could regret in future

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