Friday, October 13, 2006

G A M E O V E R ?

The BULLSHIT ALARM was triggered in World issues today, by a CBC documentary on 'The Enemy Within", which was on the subject of new Anti-multiculturalism movements in Europe. The big focus was on Muslim integration, or lack thereof, in the West. Here goes:

The CBC reporter must have been paid by SOMEONE to act the way he did. I can't guarantee that, but something about his "As a Canadian, X is unthinkable to me" attitude seemed so un-journalistic. I will explain: In Canada's history, there have been dark periods where certain populations were made to suffer for no fault of their own. The Chinese were made to pay a head tax, and then banned from entering our country once. German and Japanese immigrants were mistreated during WWI (the former), and WWII (both). There are issues here with resentment in native populations, ESPECIALLY to this day. Canada as an 'enlightened' nation is a recent development, which some people are trying to retro-actively apply. I call foul on this one, especially because the reporter does NOT speak for Canada as a whole.

Moreover, it is not an unthinkable thing to take a serious look at your policies when a terrorist attack occurs. I do not find deportation to be the answer, but something has to be done. Drastic backlash against Muslims gives victory to terror, because it will create more resentment, and tension between our cultures. Multiculturalism is wonderful on paper, but how do you deal with intolerant people? Holland's new immigration video - for example - is not trying to provoke, or offend other cultures: it is saying this: "You cannot enter our country for the freedom and prosperity, but then attempt to impose YOUR moral code on others. You must be prepared to adopt our culture to some extent". How is such a thing wrong? This CBC reporter does not openly criticize it, but his tone is oddly disapproving.

(If this all seems cluttered, it's because I'm trying to cram all of my thoughts into a complete whole, by the way)

At the end, it is argued that Canada's 'separate history' may allow it to avoid the situation that has developed in Europe. But should we want to? If multiculturalism creates ghettos, unemployment, and resentment, is it REALLY helping minorities? If anything, Canada should RUSH as FAST AS IT CAN into this debate, and find a proper answer. We have to answer the question BEFORE we are hit by a terrorist attack, because there will be no immediate desire for vengeance, which seems to drive many European campaigns. The components of a proper solution might go a little like this:

This is the hard line, and it must be drawn. Cultural values are NO excuse for the mistreatment of human beings. I don't care what your Holy Book says; you WILL treat your wife as an equal if you live here (example).

CULTURE, and RELIGION (or lack thereof), are rights. You may practice as you wish, subject to rule #1.

3) RIGHTS come with RESPONSIBILITIES. The RIGHT to live in a country is balanced by the RESPONSIBILITY to become a member of the community. This means learning the language, and values of that country.

It is always harsh to demand any kind of conformity. This is NOT how these efforts should be viewed. The preservation of individual value is (or should be) a key objective. Keeping values and traditions should be fine, but ONLY as far as they don't conflict with human rights. It's such a fine line to walk, because there is so much diversity worth preserving, and yet there is a threat. For example, I find the level of tolerance in Holland beautiful. If a Muslim majority took that tolerance away, it would be a tragedy. I do not mean to be Anti-Islamic (I HATE all THEOCRACY equally, you see), but it is a real threat.

I call upon EVERY CITIZEN of the West to think about this, long and hard. We can't turn on Muslims for the crimes of Al-Qaeda. What we can do is try to build a society where everyone can live, worship (or not), and work in peace. It's a contradiction, but intolerance CANNOT be tolerated.

On a side note, I think that the Anti-immigrant movements (ie. in Britain) are perhaps even scarier than non-integrated immigrants themselves. The ideas behind these groups are questionable to begin with, but they seem to be recruiting angry, unemployed white youth. Before you can say 'Scapegoat', we'll have our Rwanda, and the blood will NEVER wash away. If cartoons can spark riots, these groups will give terrorists EVERY ABILITY to create the Clash of Civilizations. Sure, be scared about ol' Kim with his Nuke(s?). Genocidal butchery makes a nuke look cleaner than a hospital staffed by janitors with OCD.

This could be unwarranted fear, but just to be safe: DON'T LET THIS STUFF HAPPEN. If the world is doomed, let's at least have the good grace to sing hands, and sing "Kumbayah"(sp?) or some shit. Use nukes as fireworks, all that jazz.

Until next time, I'm going to want a blanket, hot chocolate, and a shred of hope for the future.

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