Saturday, October 21, 2006

"Hello....I'm Mister Interesting!"

It was looking as if the letter I sent to the Citizen would not get published, but apparently the letters editor wants to ask me some questions about it. I dunno if that's going to be good or bad, but it's more than I was hoping for at this point. I have some high hopes about this, but getting the letter itself published would be fine by me. Anyhow, we shall see.

In more TEH AWESOME news, I saw The Frantics live today. I have mixed feelings about the performance, though. These guys are very, very funny. They may not be terribly classy, but then that's part of the appeal. They've only just reconvened, having busied themselves with other individual projects ('the Red Green show', 'History bites', and 'Puppets who kill' all feature former/current Frantics members). My cynical side wonders if it's a bit of a cash cow, especially considering that much - if not all - of their act was comprised of old favourites. It was great, as some of it was new to me, but I cannot believe that these 4 brilliant comedians have yet exhausted their potential to further push the boundaries of off-colour humour. That being said, It was a GREAT show to see live. *Applause*

I got in a few hours of Homeworld yesterday. Gotta share the love between my EPIC space games, after all.

A great irony that I have observed is that (non-elected) Judges seem to be the last bastion of rights and freedoms in this day and age. Elected officials propose more and more frightening restrictions in the name of fighting terror, and yet appointed figures seem to better understand that the underlying principles of liberty in our society must be defended. The verdict in the Juliet O'Neil case is, therefore, both a boon, and a tragedy. A boon, because the government has been put in its place. It is tragic because it had to happen at all. This trend is puzzling when you look at figures that correlate corporate funding vs. rulings in favour of the contributor. Just who are the Judges working for?

There are those who would argue that The Corporates are already in control of daily life, but I'm not sure I buy that. Advertising is everywhere, yes, but it is still a competition for your business, YOUR dollars. If THEY controlled everything, we'd have a world what would terrify Aldous Huxley. As much as they try to fleece you, there is a certain necessity to provide the customer with a positive experience. As such, you CAN vote with your dollar. Yes, this is a far cry from a proper democracy, but consider this: It is in THEIR interest to miscount votes, but not to miscount your MONEY. The trick is, you have to be able to think critically. And a nation of people with critical thinking skills is exactly what "THEY" want (as George Carlin says).

Judges: (human) RIGHT(s) ON!
People: THINK!

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