Monday, October 23, 2006

Loud: Now Medicated For Your Protection!

DId another Magic draft with some of the guys today. It were fun, but losing gets old waaaay too fast. On the plus side, I got new cards.

It's a nasty trade-off, medication. On the one hand, you aren't everybody's "favourite" nuisance, and it's nice to be able to pay attention in class. The other hand is clamped firmly over your mouth; for some reason, I get far less expressive. It's terribly depressing, and It's enough to make me not want the stuff. I'll give it a few days, but I doubt it will get much better. Thankfully, it should have worn off by the time I write here, so there will be no lack of great LOUD flavour in my writing.

I'm in a bit of an Ideological Crisis here. In World issues, we have an assignment where we have to read excerpts from both Chomsky and Kaplan works. The end result is that I am deeply depressed. I considered writing about the pieces, but that's too much like work. What follows is outrage inspired by reading them:

I know a lot of nice people. Those people know nice people, and so on. It's most likely true that 99% of people are generally good people, people who want to live, and want to do so peacefully. It should be possible for us to set down our differences, in order to accomplish a goal. But it's never that simple. There's blood, there's doubt, there is mistrust. We can build wondrous things, we can fly into space, we can ELIMINATE diseases that cause suffering and death. And yet we cannot have peace. WHY? It is not as if we must suddenly trust everyone else: trust may be earned among people. My father believes that it is a question of disagreement: there is no one concept of a 'perfect peace", and so we could TRY to work together on the ultimate solution, but it would never be agreed upon.

I think it has more to do with our attitudes, than anything. We believe that the perfect peace must begin with the Ultimate settlement: making everyone pay for what their grandam did to your great-uncle's cottage back in the war over Some Dipshit Little Rock Somewhere III. Palestinians want what Israel won't give, Pakistan and India want X or Y, but won't budge.... Why can't the Peace begin of its own accord? Agree to talk about reparations once the rifles are scrap, the bullets are melted, and the bombs are awesome computer cases. People want peace, it is a KNOWN FACT. Certainly, I would be prepared to take up arms against people I don't like, if they tried to take power...but I really would rather not have to.

I'd like to think that we could eventually do this on our own, without legislation, or some other guiding force to help us out. The reason Authoritarianism can stand up and proclaim its superior efficiency is because PEOPLE WHINE ABOUT THE DETAILS TOO MUCH. I've said it before, and I will say it again: if you want change, it is in YOUR hands, and if you refuse the burden, then you forfeit your right to choose your own destiny.

I don't know how coherent that was, but I know this: people are NOT doing a good job of this shit.

Until next time, I'm going to go see if I can't affect a little positive change in my own life. Tomorrow: THE WORLD!

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