Tuesday, October 24, 2006

If 6 was 9

I "could be doing significantly better" in my World Issues class, I am told. Problem is, I don't know if that's "you have 80% but you could have 95%" or "You have 60%, but you could have 95%". I may find out tomorrow. My (slightly edited, I have learned) letter will be published tomorrow, after a rousing game of 'Telephone Tag' with the Editor at the Citizen. That should help. Also, my 97% on our Terrorism Test (quiz?), and 80% on the first essay speak to the "80% but..." side, but that doesn't stop the little doubts.

I have to keep it shorter than I'd like today, so without further ado, here is today's rant:

A front-page article from the citizen today was about Evangelical schools in Quebec that are now being demanded to teach evolution and sex education, or they will be forced to close. It also says that in Ontario, there is no legislation preventing this kind of school from refusing to do so. The curriculum presented to a student is "parent's choice" in Ontario (which is surprising, given the government's rather Hobbesian legislation of late).

These schools are ABUSING the freedom to offer an alternative curriculum. Teaching creationist theory is fine, but calling it "A better theory" (one of the people involved is quoted as saying so in the article), and refusing to teach evolution altogether 1) is borderline lying, and 2) fosters the attitude that science and religion are antagonistic (not true: many great scientists were religious...they simply understood 'TRUTH' and how it is different from MORAL LESSONS taught by the church.). Ideally, however, creationism should stay in the church, where it belongs. Finally, not teaching Sex education is CRIMINAL. It should be a fundamental human right to know how to properly protect your body from STDs, and to know your contraceptive options. Why? Because the more teens are taught, the less they abuse their sexual freedom ('cause KNOWLEDGE is POWER! :P)

I may be an atheist, but I would like to tolerate religion. Things like this make it hard. VERY hard.

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