Wednesday, October 25, 2006

My world issues teacher liked my letter to the editor (which was indeed published today). That's 75/75 on that particular assignment, so I don't have to worry about the rest of the year. Still, there is something to be said for sharing your opinion where it will be read by people. This blog was a step 1 of sorts, although I didn't decide to have it show up on the main Blogger page (which was motivated by caution above all else). What step 3 is, I dunno. I'm less than a year from voting age, so I suppose it's time to get with the eternal civic duty: getting involved in politics. Scoff if you like, but have a look at the origin of the word 'Idiot'...

I read about 2/3 of a book called 'Freakonomics', which I find very interesting. Of course, it didn't (as I hoped it might) give me much help with the World issues assignment I am writing. It's eminently readable, so give it a look, should you have an interest in economics, politics, and/or philosophy. You will be entertained.

Other than that, it has been an OK day. A lot of my effort is going into this World Issues assignment, but not a whole lot of assignment is coming out. I suppose I have 2 nights, and 1 day left, so all is not lost.

I'll look at today's paper tonight, and tomorrow's in the morning. There will most certainly be something for me to rant about.

Arr, were that the sky bin red tonight.

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