Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I was thinking to myself on the way to school "I'm carrying my camera, I should be looking for photo-opportunities" and at that moment I looked up. (This was taken some days before the rest of the pictures in this post)

Usually I don't put up pictures where the content is more notable than the form, but I saw this old-style car today and thought it was pretty cool.
I'm doing this content-over-form thing TWICE today because I thought Gold would like to know that converting a church into your house actually happened right here in Halifax. Who knew?
A lot of the public spaces here are open "until dusk", which means that sunset photography feels a little bit like a race against time.
This is the best picture I got of this structure today. Doesn't quite convey the ridiculous magnitude of these...grain silos? I think they are, anyhow. Trivia: did you know that Halifax has both a "Bland" and a "South Bland" street?
You can't really read the placque from this angle, but this place is named for a Father of Confederation.
And another burial ground. Guess it must come with being an older city?

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