Thursday, April 08, 2010

A Social Experiment

There's a chance I might be a little intoxicated after tonight's beer and BBQ, so this will likely be a shortish post. I just thought I would like to share the results of a social experiment ongoing outside my very own house.

Behold, the boost tile. You're looking at about two-fifths of a box of sidewalk chalk, all in the name of creating this videogame-inspired artifact in the real world. I don't remember exactly why I had this idea, although I know it happened when one of the guys I live with was taking back some videos to the rental store and I decided to hit up the Canadian Tire for sidewalk chalk. So far not a lot of people have used it, and even then it requires prodding. Do people assume that this thing is only allowed to have private meaning, and that they shouldn't "use" it, for fear of offending? Sure, there are people who will never do this sort of thing, but one guy was even wearing a t-shirt with Mario himself on it, and even when a whole crowd of sidewalk-chalkers (there were some later additions to the adjacent segments of concrete) encouraged him to use the boost tile, he essentially ignored us. What is it that makes us so resistant to fun, even when it is placed in front of us AT NO COST? Does no one think that boost tiles are fun?

I'm at a complete loss right now. At least *SOME* people seem to be enjoying it for what it is, but they tend to be people I already know and like. Strangers, you're letting me down!


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