Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Game (you lose, suckers!)

I wasn't gonna do this, but then it actually turned into something cool

Band Name: Primitive Methodism
Album title: Person You Really Are
Album Cover

This sounds...not emo, but "Person you really are"? is just so faux-deep, like they were trying to say something profound and meaningful about the human condition, but then realized that acoustic guitars and marijuana were easier. I'm going to ELEVATE THIS BY ONE QUANTUM STATE, BAM! and write a fake review of my nonexistent band, and to further excite the ol' electrons, I'll think of some awesome game which will detail how to choose random turns of phrase from the internet and turn them into points of criticism, laudatory and derogatory. It'll be awesome

This time I poked the buttons until I got some choice material, and this is my result:

Band Name: ORP Grom (runners-up: "Philadelphia Accent", "Fabrice Hybert", "Members of the Victorian Legislative Assembly, 1976-1979")

Album Title: Human Knowledge is Moonshine
Album Cover

I'll admit that's not fantastic, but it was getting late. Really, "Human Knowledge is Moonshine" is too bloody good a title, it needed a band or something.

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