Wednesday, February 06, 2008

An Open Letter to Chipset and Motherboard Manufacturers

Dear Makers of Consumer-level motherboards:

Please visit this link, and observe what is there. It is a motherboard that supports BOTH SLI and Crossfire, thus removing the tyranny of the "Platform", this console-esque abomination that has been encroaching upon our formerly unrestricted ability to construct a computer as we - the end users - did see fit. I would like to ask you why, in an age when top-shelf motherboards can cost nearly $350, no one has thought to revive the spirit that brought us the legendary Abit BP-6, and tempt the wrath of Intel, AMD, and Nvidia by pulling some electrical-engineering-fu to allow both multi-card solutions on a single board. Abit's fortunes hardly seemed damned by their unsanctioned dual-celeron motherboard of yore, and I suspect that if a manufacturer with enough clout were to take on the project I suggest, Intel, AMD, and Nvidia would be hard-pressed to retaliate without consumer backlash. Such as it is, the prospective buyer is forced to make an up-front choice, which cannot be undone without great expenditure (ie, another motherboard purchase). While that may be wonderful for your business, it is hardly consumer friendly. It's time to stop screwing the hardcore demographic over!


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The Blessed said...

I don't understand the words that are coming out of your blog!

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