Monday, October 16, 2006

Space Empires V demo...everything else....a...blur...need Space Empires V...can't stop

Remember, Kids: don't do 4X games; they are addictive, and hazardous to your ability to do homework.

Between SEV, and my ongoing play-through of Homeworld, I am trapped in so much Orgasmic Space-Gaming Goodness (can I trademark that?). This would be great, except that I have school.

If only Firaxis would make Alpha Centauri 2 (us AC fans need love, too!), and Blizzard would make StarCraft 2.

Sequels aside, I think there needs to be another Homeworld-type game. Take all of the stuff that made Impossible Creatures, Dawn of War, and Company of Heroes great, and put it in space with a beautiful interface. If there's a forum where I can post this, and have it be the property of Relic, I'll go into specifics, but I'll stop here, and say "Best. Game. EVER."

That's all for now. Until next time, I'm going to be screwed for HomeWORK!


CheeseLikeSubstance said...

Agreed on all points. SEV is like heroin, only good for you!

sephy9182 said...

I've just about given up hope on Starcraft's been, what...nearly 10 years?! Only Duke Nukem Forever's taken longer, and yes, I've heard rumours that it's coming. But, I don't care about DNF!

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