Monday, October 09, 2006

Like Wikipedia if it were "managed" by Anarchists

NOTE: This post is a little out of date; it was mostly composed before Stratford trip, which is now over & then some.

I found another interesting
blog here. I don't know for sure whose it is, but I may have a decent guess. Whoever she is, she is rather eloquent. Warning: The page is rather....Pink, so be ready if you've an aversion to said colour. Do give it a read, though.

I have a nice 0430 wake up tomorrow, or so. I hope it's worth it.

As you may have guessed from the title, it's time for a little

First, I think that what happened in the US with the Amish schoolgirls being shot by some maniac is one of the most awful things I've heard in a while. Ditto the Dawson college shootings in Montréal. I'm honestly not sure what to make of either event. Montreal is really awesome, and the Amish are probably really nice people. What drives people to take out their anger in such a way? I doubt it's violent entertainment, music, or whatever else the lazy parents and attention-seeking politicians are wont to argue. Is there a switch in the human brain somewhere that makes you a killer, a repulsive creature, thirsty for blood? Is there a Mr Hyde (sp?) in all of us? some of us?.

Maybe that's the easy answer, though. There was a lot of evidence, at least in the case of the Montreal shooter (who I will not name here; it has been said by wise people that we should not allow the names of killers to be remembered) that he was a danger, and was in need of serious help. It could be the poor guy was always that way, and someone needed to speak up to save him, or to try. And no one answered the call. I propose that, same as there is with suicide, there should be services for people to anonymously report in particular, this sort of person. How many families, and boy/girlfriends would be happier if more attention was paid to preventing these acts. The Montréal shooter was not a surprise; he was VERY big on guns, and hated people - facts that he didn't do much to conceal, as far as I've read.

The fine line, as it were, is how to deal with possible threats, with respect to their privacy rights et al. It is becoming evident that private information is casually revealed online. Do people not realize just how big the public domain is? Can we not fathom just how extremely NOT PRIVATE the internet is? I think as much as this might be true, it'd be hard to argue "(s)he didn't KNOW that everyone would be able to read about his/her murder plot on MySpace!" in court. You and everyone else have a wonderful edge right now in the prevention of maybe even just ONE awful crime right now.

That's it for this post; anything else will get rolled into the latest.

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