Monday, October 09, 2006

"Prose before Ho's"

I really wish I'd come up with that one. As it is, my creative faculties brought me a possible vegetarian slogan: "Meat is for beating, not for eating" the other day, which will have to do.

Speaking of a few days ago, it's time for some....


Day 1's bus ride was made less-than-pleasant through the efforts of some WANKERS on the bus who were throwing pistachios at people. If anyone had been allergic (my sis has a nut allergy, but not to pistachios, and doesn't go to my school, but I sorta know what it is to live with one) on that bus, I would have been tempted to visit some creative violence on those guys. At any rate, that was NOT COOL. The PS1 and much games that a roomie and I bought was very cool, though. At EB, they go for a song ($10) and controllers for less ($3).

There were 3 plays this year, all of which were very entertaining. Oliver! is a very song-driven production, the kind you really have to follow intently. It's a rewarding show if you stick with it. Hello Dolly! (musicals love "!", eh?) last year had more glitz, but then Oliver is a much less glitzy show. There was a production of Twelfth Night, set in 1860s India, which was cool. Unlike 'As you like it' last year, the setting actually felt like a setting, and less a bizarre costume party for otherwise ordinary actors/action. Finally, there was Tennessee Williams' eminently depressing 'The Glass Menagerie'. That guy makes Eeyore look like Roo by comparison. I'll review these separately tomorrow, if I can.

Being away for 5 days was not nice. Apologies to my Ex/possibly current Girlfriend (long story).

Apologies also to The Daydream Believer, who is not insane in the same way I am. Much thanks for tolerating me on the trip.
EDIT: Ok, on further review, you might just be my brand of crazy...or is it your brand...or, eh, whatever. The important thing is that sanity is overrated.

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