Monday, October 02, 2006

"I like my coffee black, just like my metal"

As per the Law of Mondays, today was generally unspectacular. I managed to be rather awake, despite only getting 4-odd hours of sleep. Damn, I love playing Homeworld too much. I have a demo for FEAR: extraction point, but I need to get in "FEAR mode" before I'll be able to play it properly. So far, it looks marginally improved; tightening your aim now gives you a central dot to aim with, which will be nice once I get my hands on the G2A2. Anyhow, If it's anything like FEAR or better, I'm going to love it. Along with Homeworld, RoN, StarCraft, and C&C, It seems I have yet another game on the "to play" stack. Aie. I've also embraced the dark side of the PS2, in order to play Tribes: Aerial Assault. It plays like a well-tuned Tribes 2, especially since the weapon speeds are no longer snail-like. Sadly, I have no network adapter, so online play is out.

Stratford Trip starts on Wednesday, so I have a lovely 6-day weekend coming up. I'll post short reviews of the plays, and maybe the food when I get back.

Apparently, there are a lot of Canadians who would like to pin the blame for global warming on Big Oil. Big Oil exists because people buy the stuff. Sure, there are people who are calling for renewable fuels, but the loudest voice belongs to the countless billions of dollars that go into keeping millions of cars gassed up. It's easy to hate on huge multinationals, but are you willing to take steps to keep your money out of their pockets? I want a future where clean technology allows us luxury without pollution and waste, but until then, we'll have to sacrifice SOMETHING if we want to survive.

Walk or bike somewhere. Buy local food. Buy quality stuff that won't break so easily. Just don't sit on your ass and complain about how "BIG BUSINESS" is killing the planet, 'cause your inaction is just as bad. Sure, you can imagine that someone else will do it, but if everyone thinks that way, we're fucked. If you already are doing something, then you've got some ground to stand on (you should also not be reading this blog. Get up and keep hating on THE MAN already!). If you're not of the activist bent, vote with your $$$.

PS. Organic, Fair-Trade chocolate is good for your mood, AND your conscience!


VooDoo PC has apparently been bought by HP. First Dell buys Alienware, and now this happens. Granted, true enthusiasts build, but hardcore gamers without the hardware chops are being deprived of true boutique options. VooDoo had STYLE, and as much as I'm sure it won't be erased, I'm a little sad to hear about the buyout.

And yeah, I'm having fun with the colours.

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