Sunday, October 01, 2006

"Oh, hewwo dwipping yewwow madness!"

The Metcalfe fair here in Ottawa is rather like the EX was this year - too little to ride, and what there is costs too much to be worth it. The battle of the bands last night was entertaining enough. A local act called 'Chasing Curiosity' got top prize (I'd say by a hair; the other guys were very talented). One of my friends bought a Jolly Roger for $15, another got a Transformers toque, and a third purchased a pretty sweet hat. I carried the first two items around in my spacious cargo pants for most of the evening. Mmmm, cargo pants. Me, I have a nice pair of new shades from the fair.

I'm feeling like a little 'current events' in this space. What's in the paper today?

Oh, look - David Warren. He says:

"Same-Sex 'marriage' is not about homosexuals, or even about homosexuality. It is a wedge
being driven into our social order by its mortal enemies. Their intention is to destroy the nuclear family that is the foundation of that order; same-sex marriage is merely a means. Their ambition is to remove all such categories as 'father', 'mother', 'husband', 'wife', 'offspring', first from the law and tax codes, and eventually from everyday life. Everyone with a stake in the future of our children must resolutely oppose them"


Well, I will concede that Mr. Warren is somewhat correct. As a supporter of same-sex marriage, I support it more as an aspect of a tolerant society than as a homosexual issue. I don't believe that an emphasis on the 'normal family' is healthy for society. The issue, then, is not about homosexuality per se. It is a proxy war between The Tolerant, and The Afraid. I support ALL PEOPLE in their quest to find love, and happiness, wherever it may be. Can The Afraid say the same?

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