Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Sadly, I realized that it was Talk Like A Pirate Day yesterday only when I read it on the Wikipedia, which was too late to do much about it. However, A friend and I will be taking to Piracy in Freelancer multiplay this weekend in honour of this most Arrrr-mazing day.

Today, I'll start with the bad news: My girlfriend of near 18 months and I have broken up. If you're reading this and wondering "why didn't he say as much when I asked him 'What's New?'", I have answers for that, and other questions. The reason I didn't say anything is because the LAST thing I want to hear is "aww, why?" and the like. Especially since ours was a fairly well-known relationship, I'd eventually have to endure rounds of false sympathy and endless questions from the in-crowd pricks who are in my classes. If you know me, and are reading this, DON'T bring it up in school, NOR with the in-crowd pricks, even if they're YOUR friends. Any other time is fine to ask me about it, but I want to have a little dignity left, thanks. If you want to know anything else, ask me later. I have better things to do with this blog than dissect my relationships, thanks. Oh, wait, yes, we're still friends...or something of the like. There we go.

Good news? I've got Homeworld re-installed. That game belongs on the top 10 list for 'Awesome Gameplay'. Also, if you haven't seen the trailers for HL2 Episode 2, do that. Now.

Oh, and I did promise at least some impressions of Dark Messiah in my last installment. Well, I may give a proper review later, but for now, I'll say "Sweeeeeeet!". Get the demo, if you can, because you should play it if you've ever said "I wish I could be a badass wizard-swordsman-assasin-archer-slayer-of-orcs-and-stuff", because that's what the early levels seem to be.

On a politics note, Props to the dude who sent an angry email around his department about this "Canada's New Government" bullshit*. He rightfully proclaimed that the government is a stewardship, granted by the people, and that policies should not begin or end with the administrations that begin them. Instead, they should be kept so long as they are good policies. This guy is my hero. If you get the Ottawa citizen, I think the story is on A3.
*I assume my readership of 3 or so knows about this.

Aright, that's all for now. More later

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