Thursday, September 21, 2006

Stomp To My Beat!

Thank goodness for DDR. Not only is it useful for nerd exercise (oxymoron? no. We just couldn't do it before, as the light burned us. What about treadmills and stuff, you ask? Nerd doctrine forbids association with such tools of actually fit people), but it will also alert you if you missed out on killer dance traxx from the nineties. Being the decidedly not-up-with-music dude that I am, this is a most vital service. I suppose another fringe benefit would be that songs you DO know of (because EVERYONE knows 'Sandstorm', let's face it.) can be danced to, which kicks a not inconsiderable amount of ass.

I've finished playing the demo of Dark Messiah. My system needs an upgrade, because 1440 x 900 is just too big for my Radeon 9600. Apparently, Epox made an SLI board for socket 754 (I am an unfortunate adopter of said socket), which might be a good intermediate step. Granted, the new Core 2 duos are really sweet, but AMD has opened up the Hypertransport link to third-party socketed processors, which could lead to some serious innovation. In the end, Graphics are going to go first, because that's where the upgrading sweet spot is, in terms of price/visible benefit.

Incidentally, Intel is following AMD's lead, it seems. Well, Core 2 duo pwnage or no, Intel seems to be stuck with AMD as a competitor. As for the new 'open' sockets, well, it'll be a while before gaming boosters show up in socketed form (imagine a quad-core CPU and a physics accelerator together...with access to system RAM...mmmm). Time will tell.

Oh, and Dark Messiah has some DAMN brutal combat.

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