Sunday, July 30, 2006


Windows is now re-installed on the computer I have taken to calling 'My Baby'. This is the first truly kickass rig I have ever hand-assembled, and the 'special attachment' feeling still hasn't worn off. Anyhow, to poor thing was spyware-crippled, so my father backed the WHOLE windows partition to some free space on the 250GB drive upstairs, and we've started fresh.

So far, I have Drivers, windirstat 1.1.2, firefox 2.0 RC1 (you're not hardcore unless you're running beta :p), OpenOffice, ATI MMC (for my TV tuner), my IM clients, Valve's Steam, and Ad-Aware SE personal installed. The only real sticking point so far was the dreaded 'install 3rd party SATA drivers' step. I'm going to be so VERY glad when I can get Direct 3D acceleration using WINE and Linux. It'll be "goodbye Window$" for good.

Next up for this thing is to back-up everything I have as it is now, and burn me some recovery DVDs so I don't have to do this stupid re-install crap again if the system gets screwed up. Then it's games time :D.

Ok, so enough menial details about me...

I saw another Ann Coulter book in a 'Chapters' today. A woman, writing in support of a political ideology that tends to suppress the rights of women, among others. I can't help but wonder if she herself sees the irony. Granted, there is much in the radical left I disagree with (I'm VERY libertarian-leftist; authoritarians scare me), but the plethora of preposterous postulations about the nature of liberalism as a "godless church" based on "bogus science" (Darwinism) had me wondering if the book should have been filed under 'comedy'. Now, I respect everyone's right to an opinion, and the right to express it, but ANY book - of ANY viewpoint - should not jump to trash-talk. "Bogus Science" my ASS, Ms. Coulter. I am evolved from the primordial ooze, and proud of it!

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