Thursday, August 03, 2006

Combo +7hit!

One or two years ago, I picked up an ATI TV wonder, which I've used to capture a few things here and there (mostly episodes of the Battlestar Galactica remake, which is one of the few good sci-fi shows still on TV). I was beginning to think it was a bit of a waste, given that a lot of the stuff I want is somewhat more conveniently available on DVD. After a re-install of Windows, and getting the new software from ATI, I can say that the quality has improved greatly. It now even TIVOs stuff while I watch, which is kind of cool, except for the part where it eats up a ton of HDD space (well, at a 1-hour max, it should only ever suck up 2GB). It's still kind of a gimmick, but It beats shelling out for an overpriced stand-alone.

Anyhow, I now have an MP3/WMA and video player. Now I think I have a decent combo going. I can TV tune TV and whatnot onto this little player, and watch it anywhere I damn well please. The obvious tradeoff being the small screen size. It's pretty cool, but by no means perfect. This thing has an FM tuner, but I wish they made these things with TV reception, so you could tune from the air...not that you'd get any channels worth watching...oh well.

Right. Enough talking tech for today

Israel continues to push into Lebanon, and says it won't stop until there is a multinational force 'on the ground' to keep the rockets out. I hope that world leaders don't take some kind of blanket-policy of not complying with Israel while it continues to bomb Lebanon, because it's time for some effective terrorism fighting to get underway. Not one day has gone by without another dozen Lebanese children dead. I'm willing to accept that war is never precise, but enough is enough. It's clear by now that Israel does NOT know where the terrorists are, and the International community should step in. I'd like to see an organized effort to clear out the southern area, driven by a global desire to move beyond terror, NOT a now-tiresome war of revenge that has more in common with terrorism than with self-defense.

What happened to my support of Israel? I'm willing to give people the benefit of the doubt when they have the right idea. But as the death toll mounts, I think that Israel's approach is not effective, and it's time for a multi-national force to step in. So it was Israel's war. We have to take the high road, because people are SUFFERING and it needs to STOP. Take Israel to task later; there are people to help, and terrorists to kill.

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