Friday, February 05, 2010

More Aesthetically Pleasing Arrays of Coloured Dots for Your Retinal Cells

I had originally intended to go take pictures from the top of a parking garage, but they had a dude whose job it was to tell people like me that loitering isn't ok. I took this on the way back down the elevator on a whim. I like the lighting.
We get extra-pretty sunsets around here. This is at least the third day running of really pretty skies around sixish.
Not too much different. I'll try to take pictures of more varied things, but when my walk home is a) at sunset and b) takes me RIGHT PAST the best vantage point in the city it's a little like my arms are tied.


gnomesque said...

I love your sunset shots! I am somehow always outside just before or just after sunset, but never at the right time.

gnomesque said...

Oh, and tag! You're it.

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