Friday, March 06, 2009


Loud's Journal, March 6, 2009.

Saw midnight premiere of Watchmen tonight. Casting very well done; omissions and alterations mostly minor and understandable. Any more and risk of spoiling film considerable. Wonder about cultural relevance of nuclear war after so many years. Russia still armed but no longer communist, temperamental and distressingly authoritarian but no longer demon in public consciousness. Greatest enemy faced by humankind still ourselves, but in different sense now. V for Vendetta better timed and more topical, but not as faithfully translated from graphic novel. Should remind self periodically to finish reading. Guess it's unavoidable side-effect of 20-year fight to get movie made, tenacity dictated that movie release happen, relevance be damned. Watchmen still recommended, but full disclosure: was seen under influence of alcohol.

Review seen earlier (link later) correct: brevity enforced by scope of source material precludes characters from “breathing” in own right. Not as bad as feared, but still inferior achievement to graphic novel. Wonder what wrong with writing original scripts for silver screen? Housemates and I have ideas for sublime, high-octane action films daily, and hollywood clogged with franchise and license like sewer clogged with human filth. Perhaps will come to senses eventually?

Hah. World peace more likely.


Daydream Believer said...

Urm... lack of words apparent? Particularly pronouns and passive verbs? Author's reasoning questionable?

Loud said...

Emulating style of Rorschach's dialogue fitting for review of Watchmen. Reduction in readability regrettable.

Daydream Believer said...

It all suddenly seems so clear. I saw Watchmen this afternoon. Awesome :)

Etarran said...

Housemates and you have ideas for action movies involving etch-a-sketch's and jumping onto helicopter rotors on daily basis. "High-octane" possibly - "sublime" likely misnomer.

Captcha entered when creating comment: "Foxygork." Hilarious.

Dr. Ivan Hood said...

Don't even get me started.

Dr. Ivan Hood said...

lol, my word verification was 'poled'.

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