Monday, March 02, 2009

Not Very Good

Questionable content's most recent strip is also a bit of a travesty, but I honestly do not have the skill to parody Jeph Jacques' artwork effectively. I understand that it's not easy being funny (see above comic, which sucks), but I'm pretty sure it's easy to avoid being unfunny, or outright insulting to your fanbase. For example, internet memes made up by /b/tards? I might laugh at them when I see them on 4chan, and I will take the odd rickroll with as much dignity as I can muster, but if I'm reading a comic whose reputation was built on going that extra mile with a joke or an idea, it's just not enough. Similarly, if I'm reading a comic which I enjoy for the verisimilitude of its interpersonal relationships, I feel a bit slighted if the only interesting romance said comic has produced in years is casually and ridiculously dismissed in panel 2...even if it is just the author toying with us. 

Now, I could rightfully be accused of demanding too much from art that I enjoy for free (well, minus the cost of an internet connection, but that's beside the point). However, my objections are rooted in a love of the art, and a great sadness at the declining quality of old favourites. Maybe take a sabbatical, guys? I know you'd hate to abandon the cash cow's lustrous udder, but you've rubbed all the teats raw!


PS: XKCD is lisenced under Creative Commons, but since parody is covered under fair use (but not, I believe, fair dealing here in Canada), I have only the vaguest notion of what to say copyright-wise. Just don't be a dick, mmmkay?

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GoldMatenes said...

It's just one comic, and it's not really that terrible. It's a mockery of how even internet subculture is becoming mainstream. And that memes can be humourous.

I don't really think they're getting worse. XKCD still has good jokes, and everything is hit or miss in the end. And Jeph could only carry the 'Pintsize is funny and Faye insults people' jokes for so long before getting back to character development.

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