Friday, August 17, 2007

Just Because (I Love You) - Loud Blogger feat. The Return of Funky Coloured Text

I'm posting again!

also, it supposedly helps to update a blog regularly if you want it to succeed.

Not much new today, although there was a humourous moment in which it was decided that being unable to see the end of the lineup was grounds for NOT seeing the Sistine chapel. Also, a hot, humid, and somewhat pointless trip to a closed Apple store, in search of a power adapter for a Macbook. All in a day's stay in Roma!

Speaking of notebooks, I'm really, really hoping to accrue a little cash and then indulge in some serious D-I-Y shenanigans involving myself, a barebones notebook, the requisite parts, and a whole tube of thermal grease. The only immediate problem is, of course, accruing "a little" cash to do this. I am in the midst of drafting (on paper, of all things) a post about my reasons for wanting a laptop, and the larger ramifications of being connected 24/7. Expect to read it upon my return. In the meantime, I have a decision to make. It is now possible to buy a barebones notebook which will support desktop s775 processors (dual-core only it seems, but then it could be but a BIOS update away from mobile quad-core support). The obvious question is that of performance vs. battery life. The power user in me screams for mobile overclocking, but then I would be condemning myself to an endless search for electrical outlets. Mobility seems the obvious solution for a notebook, but if I'm going to buy a Core 2 (and as little a chance there is of my getting money enough to buy one, there is NO chance of accumulating the pile o' simoleons required for two!) I sure as hell want to push it to the MAX. Notebook owners sound off, if you please... with your current experience in mind, what factors are "The Big Ones" with respect to your tote-able little sex machines (or clunky luggables)?

Zyzzyva, I'm looking at you and your luscious macbook pro...

LOUD and PROUD, dammit!


Scarlet Gypsy said...

Here are my words of advice: Get something better then my clunky luggable, and you're good to go. These days, that's not too hard. In fact, it's probably harder to actually get something as bad as mine XD


When it comes to the argument of performance versus battery life... Really, you just need a good balance of the two. As tempting as it is, you don't want to stray too far to one side and leave the other hanging.
If you think about it, it can be likened to sex. On one side, you've got mind blowing sex that lasts less then 5 minutes and leaves you wanting more. However, the other side is terrible sex that just won't stop. If you can find something in the middle, something that is powerful enough to satisfy, and lasts long enough to do what needs to be done... You're all set. And as tempting as it is to push for performance over battery life, you may end up disappointed in the long run.

... I'll have to agree with you about those Macbook Pros. They certainly look amazing, and this is coming from somebody who's been a Windows user their whole life! =O

When do you get back from your trip? I'm trying to get everybody together before Daydream Believer leaves, and was hoping you could be there. Hope I hear from you soon!

Howard said...

I scanned through your post and the only words I picked up were "sex machines", "big ones", "luggables", and "push it to the max".

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