Monday, May 07, 2007


Yin and Yang

Yet another Great Fear has been realized, as Nicolas Sarkozy ascends to the French Presidency. I respect that his rule is the result of free and democratic elections, and that he may yet prove himself to be a fair and competent leader...but the fear remains that his "tough stance" on immigration is the first step down a dark path. There have already been rioter/police clashes, and not a one of Sarkozy's policies has been implemented yet! The Citizen printed a little sub-story with interview snippets from immigrants living in France, entitled "With Sarkozy, the riots will be permanent"... I imagine that - if nothing else - the news from France in the coming months will be colourful. Personally, I stand by what I said here.

On the plus side, a newly-published report could be a nice BITCHSLAP to the Right-Wing: The Justice Department of Canada has found that Same-Sex couples raise children just as well or better than their Heterosexual counterparts. From what I have just read, it seems that our not-new-anymore Conservative government wasn't all that keen on publishing this study (what a surprise!). I'm sure there will be all manner of "explanations", or "secret bias" hypothesis floated by the diehard homophobes, but maybe, just maybe this will permit everyone to settle down and live as equals, as it is written in the Charters and Constitutions of this world (some of it, at any rate).

Some Dumbass won't let that happen, but it's a good hope while it lasts :)

Again, with the limited time imposed by internet cutoff. I hope to post more later.


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