Monday, April 30, 2007

Nightmares Realized

Something had gone horribly wrong!

There are a great many things that I hate, but above all, I hate it when there is bad blood between good friends. I appreciate that sometimes there are no excuses, no apologies that can be made...and that would be fine, if only two people were involved. I hope that you two learn from the past, and realize that NO ONE wants to stand on that battlefield, NO ONE wants to take sides. Maybe there's no way to respect both yourselves and your friends at the same time. All I can say is “make your choice”. Of course, I am likely jumping the gun here. I HOPE things don't go from bad to worse, but there is always the possibility.

Another Moment of Silence

A 17-year old was killed here the other day, knifed in the back at a gas station. I have a satirical piece in mind relating to this, but I shall not publish it now, in accordance with the 'No Soapbox' rule established in my previous post. What's sickening is that a 17-year-old was murdered. Not that 17 is a terribly special age, but fucking 17! This guy lived in my city, and was the same age as I am. I believe he had immigrated from Iraq. Sad, that he should die here, in one of the world's safest nations, having arrived from perhaps the world's most dangerous.

This is sickening.

More later, but my internet time runneth out


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Priestshinigami said...

It's okay. wait a week, or tell after prom... we will see.

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