Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Do Not Attempt To Adjust The Picture...

Normally, I would be raving about my trip to Scotland like a mental patient who has been given amphetamines (not that I would know ANYTHING about what that sounds like...uhhh, no, not at all...). I might get around to that, but my social conscience has intervened to bring you this important bulletin:

Please read the Euston Manifesto, and then proceed to my commentary. I will not provide a comprehensive summary, as the document itself is not overly long, and you should take some time to appreciate their eminently eloquent entreaty to the left-wing. My own political views mirror perhaps everything I have read in the document, and I am elated to have found a renewed hope for the future.


What can I say? I cannot disagree with it in any way. I would have liked a little more green-friendly elaboration, but then there's the Green party here in Canada for my efforts in that respect. I am inspired, though, to get to work on a little more action, and a little less discussion on these matters. Keep your eyes on this space, because I'm getting all kinds of ideas right now.

I think that if enough people sign this manifesto (I'm going to wait to see if I have to be 18 before my signature will mean anything on the site), the left will be in a far better position. I'm tired of the romanticizing of terrorism as some kind of 'freedom fighting' against US imperialism. Islamism will be just as bad for civil liberties as King George W. would be.

Anyhow, I think that the Manifesto speaks for itself, so if you haven't read it already, do so now.

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