Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sometimes I wonder why I even bother....

Sometimes, you really can't make this shit up. Nuclear energy providers and pathologists conspiring to steal organs from corpses for 40 years. It sounds like a damn conspiracy theory, but here it is in the news. I've got practically nothing; did they think this would never come to light? Did they really think *this* was the way to increase public confidence in Nuclear power? More importantly, is anyone going to face even a modest amount of justice for these crimes? Are the pathologists who stole organs without consent going to lose their licences, or at least face some kind of disciplinary action?

I can barely think of something insightful to say about this kind of malfeasance. We're talking about stealing bones and organs from corpses to maybe cover up the dangers of working in an irradiated environment...I mean, it's not as if people wouldn't or couldn't or shouldn't perceive nuclear power plants as pretty dangerous places! It's like the article says: if some of the families had been contacted to make an informed decision, they would have allowed those organs to be used for research purposes. Just because something is potentially dangerous or unsavoury does not mean that people will automatically reject it. People choose to work in dangerous conditions when they feel that the risk is worth it. People will want to use nuclear electricity even if they know about Chernobyl...I mean, that's what we're doing RIGHT NOW, isn't it? If you live in France, or Ontario you sure are! If instead of stealing organs, these organizations had made a publicized effort to study the effects of chronic radiation exposure on their workforce (or, er, former workforce I guess?), they'd look better. They'd look conscientious. They would not be fucking grave robbers.

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