Wednesday, September 01, 2010

1/30 Complete

It's fair to say that I've fallen into another lapse in my blogging habits this year (after some not indecent work in the early year), and I intend to make amends. So starting today, *ahemcoughcough* the first of September, I will post at least once every day of the month. I am considering choosing a theme for each week of posts, but that might be a little too long to sustain my own enthusiasm, so I'll play it by ear. At any rate, tomorrow I will introduce the first of these themes and hopefully some more original thoughts than I've managed lately. Suggestions for future themes (as long as I can keep this daily/thematic posting up) are absolutely welcomed.

Today's post is a bit of a cheat because it's been about 30 degrees and gross in Halifax and pretty much all of my good higher brain functionality is being cooked out of me. But for once I'm happy to take the 'useless filler' post and run with it because, hey, at least it might help me form a posting habit, which is more than I can say for doing nothing (as usual). So with that, I will see you tomorrow with real thoughts.


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