Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Setup

I've recently discovered a little site called "The Setup", and I'm absolutely loving it! There's something very compelling about its particular mix of gadget fetish and celebrity worship - it's even addictive enough to dull the pain of learning that some of these coders, bloggers and celebrities live as you have only dared to dream (triple monitors, 8-core workstations). On some level, it's pretty unsurprising that much of this web elite rocks a macbook and then some ancillary desktop. What I do find interesting is that a large number of these people have multiple cell phones. And not like "oh I have this old one that I unlocked when my contract ran out"; I'm talking like "I have three iPhones"* or "an N95 8Gb with a regular N95 as backup"**. Not for the first time I feel like I'm so woefully behind the curve on portable electronics (although a rockboxed Sansa e260, while light on storage, is still a good toy. I'll bet none of you with your fancy iPods are listening to 1000kbps+ FLACs on the go, hmmm?***).

* Actual loadout of interface designer Amy Hoy

**Actual loadout of sex blogger Violet Blue

***I'm sure a "real" audiophile would tell me that I'd need to solder on a new crystalliser or signal processor and buy a better set of headphones and some kind of in-line amplifier. Sure, fine. FLACs still do sound somewhat richer than mp3, although with my present setup I'm not sure they're quite worth the extra space...

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