Friday, January 08, 2010

A Retrospective, Part 3

Todays links are numbered two, for it turns out to be rather difficult to decide which posts actually stand out above the rest. It's a lot of anger, fear of the future, desire for a better starts to blend together more than a little. I guess it's good that this blog has been - if nothing else - consistent over the span I've read through so far (I'm presently somewhere between posts 100 and 150).

First link is to The Viennese Winter Ball, because now more than ever it seems as though it happened in a dream.

The second is to this, my response to the Virginia Tech shootings. What I like about this post is that I really did resist the temptation to scream angry things at the assholes who were all too ready to blame videogames for a tragedy that they couldn't understand (although I won't say I was entirely uncritical). While Etarran made a good case in the comment thread that times of tragedy are a good time to discuss important issues, I think I stand by what I said then: there is a time for debate, but first there is a time for mourning - new policies can save lives, but they cannot resurrect the dead.

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