Wednesday, August 06, 2008

(Whatever Happened To) The Man I Used To Be?

I'm hardly one to believe that the answers in life (where any exist) are so simple, but here we are. I'm making some small strides, even - dare I say it - improving perceptibly? Today (and yesterday, and the day before that and so on) the dishes. Tomorrow: the world! I mean, I'm still getting used to some of this stuff, but I've been eating well (save two donuts and today's chocolate chip binge, and I guess all those graham crackers), and I've been trying to keep at least the kitchen clean. I'm about to do my own laundry again. I still spend a lot of time on the computer, but I've been walking and playing DDR to keep fit-ish. It's not what I'd necessarily call a quantum leap, but I'm just happy to have my sleep schedule in a better order than it used to be.

Observations on Halifax: pretty, and the stores are better than their Ottawa-based equivalents. There are actually independent stores here, and not the endless parade of chain stores. Those are still here, of course, but at least they're not the only gigs in town. The terrain between here and the university is a lot flatter than it was between me and Carleton back home. Will have to go down the hill to downtown on the bike if I want exercise, but at least my necessary commute will be less of a chore. What mom says is true, and people seem to be a smidgeon nicer around here. I hope it rubs off on me. The courtyard in the center of Dalhousie's library smells and sounds like fifth avenue court back home. If Westjet is making money on the return tickets I just bought on sale, I am so disgusted by the profit margins of the airline industry and this business about higher fuel costs forcing ticket prices up is utter bullshit. Why can't people hold to a more Adam Smith kind of capitalism?

I promise you all something more polished at a later time, but right now I'm still reading some new material to think about. I've finished The Trial of Socrates, working on a book of white papers on sustainable architecture, also Aristotle's Politics, and a little of Douglas Coupland's Jpod.



Etarran said...

So maybe "I told you so" isn't truly appropriate in the face of a positive development, but, well, I told you so.

Pirate burritos!

La Canadienne said...

Can I borrow Jpod when you're done? I started reading it in a Chapters, but never got to finish it.

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