Monday, May 12, 2008

Vox Populi

So, this marks the end of my first week of daily posts in a while. I'll admit that it's sort of cheating to end on a self-referential note, I have a legitimate reason to write about this style of posting. I want to know which method of posting people like more, which one has people reading more often. I have a blog and not a journal for a reason, you know? The basic choice is between large posts, generally spanning several topics, or smaller, more frequent posts, generally on a single topic. I suppose I could also offer to try doing four moderate posts per week, or arriving at some other sort of compromise, so I'll throw that on as an option. Please vote in the poll after reading this, and please take this opportunity to comment on any and all aspects of this blog; tell me what's great, what needs improvement.

In Case of Emergency...

Casting about for something, anything to provide some real content for this post, I could not have imagined how easy, nor, words are actually failing me in my quest to describe to you the incredible...even “awesome” isn't quite the word. What you are about to see isn't what I'd call a work of “unparalleled genius” or anything like that, but it's pretty much the real-world embodiment of something that mere mortals like you and I have only joked about having. Behold! (scroll down afterwards, because you should seriously see this before reading about it)

An honest-to-goodness EMERGENCY PARTY BUTTON! This may be the coolest thing I have seen someone do to a house since the xkcd ball pit! It lacks, perhaps, the whimsical aspect of the latter, but makes up for it in strobe lights and – what else – the music. The truly great thing about this project isn't anything to do with what it does specifically, though: it's the greater potential of the tools used. With the right know-how and a few hundred dollars, you could probably have a push-button or lever to do ANYTHING you want. Hell, you could probably use a laptop to voice control your own automated routine, or an RFID tag implanted under your skin (it can be done, guy who has it uses it to lock out his dangerous contraptions to anyone but him), or the clapper for some retro appeal. You could have a button for dealing with zombies or velociraptors...any unwanted guests really. I think I might have to draw up plans for an automatic delivery food receiver, complete with payment and tip slots, and some kind of insulated delivery system to bring the food to me, so the gaming or movie or whatever can continue uninterrupted!

But whatever I devise, I don't think I can even touch the pure awesome sauce that is a fuckin' PARTY BUTTON!



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