Saturday, May 10, 2008


I think I owe some people an explanation, or some people think I owe them one, or something. Here it is, regardless:

Plan is that I'm going to attend University in Halifax, and the very first reason for doing so is that I have to leave home. Commuting from home to University left me out in the cold with respect to the social aspects of campus, so much so that I barely even feel like a student, to speak nothing of someone who is involved. On the other hand, I don't want to live in residence here, because it would mean paying an incredible amount of money for a level of convenience I already have. I think I just did things wrong here, and if I stay I don't know if I'd ever set them right. Leaving home will hopefully be enough of a shake-up that I can get some other changes to my usual routine made. Second reason is that I have to learn how to live with people, and the longer I put that off, the worse it's going to be. Next, I want to try living in new places, having never moved in my lifetime. I want to meet new people, I want to try some new things, like having a work ethic, cooking all my own food, managing my own internet connection, paying my own taxe...hmm, ok, so maybe it's not all roses, but whatever. It will be a learning experience.

My options in Ottawa for moving out with someone would have been pretty much limited to rooming with Star, and as much as I love the idea of living in the same place as my ex who can barely tolerate me at the best of times, I just had to pass on that one.

I'm going to miss this place, I'm not abandoning you Ottawans here out of spite, or anything. This year just didn't work out particularly well for me, and somehow I doubt that repeating the experience – even for rigor's sake – would be advantageous to my academic or social life.

Also, because I was promised that every night would be “burrito night”

I couldn't argue with that

-Loud (who still loves Ottawa and all of you)


PS. The Halifax-ward migration of still more of my friends is also an excellent incentive. Next year I think it will be at least five friends (plus those I make while there) plus one cousin going to Uni there.


Scarlet Gypsy said...

... You could room with me =/

I understand your reasons for leaving, I just wish you wouldn't...
It's hard being so far behind, being forced year after year to just sit back and watch my friends graduate and drift away. It hurts even more to watch them leave.
Even just this last year, I've tried to stay in touch with everybody. I had a hard time even with the ones who stayed in town, and I failed those that left.

How often have I seen you in the last year, Loud? Since you graduated, I've probably only seen you about 6 or 7 times. That's less then once a month. In fact, I'm pretty sure it's not much more then I've seen Daydream Believer, and she's out in Windsor for 8 months of the year.

So while I may not be happy that you're going, I do understand your reasons. And I hope you understand my reasons when I kidnap you.

Loud said...

You've actually brought up one of the reasons that I think moving away isn't so bad: it's hard to see even the people in town. I barely see Gold, and we go to the same University (although it's cool to run into him between classes, which sometimes happened)

I figure the summer is pretty much what we have these days, that and the winter break. It's terrible, but I guess that's how life goes. When all this education bullshit is over with, we'll just have to like, coerce everyone we know, along with all their and our new friends from along the way into buying a whole apartment building, or cruise liner or something, and turning it into some kind of gigantic business-home-party thing for ever and ever!

Hey, another reason why arcologies are such a damn good idea!

CheeseLikeSubstance said...

So, some thoughts on the matter from the one who is probably in large part responsible for Loud's Halifax-ward migration:

While it sucks leaving behind family and friends, and the old places we frequented, what I have found is that leaving the city is, unreservedly, the best decision I ever made. It's not for everyone, of course, but such a drastic change, forcing new friends, new places, and new ways of thinking, is the best way to make life, you know, fun again.

What is more, it makes seeeing old friends a lot better. I don't mind admitting that the people I had been hanging out with, in some cases, since first grade, were starting to wear on me. Now that I'm in town for the summer only, they're special again. And, for those of you who met the Swede, you have seen forst-hand the awesome results when the two distinct social groups collide.

After all, while humans are addicted to habit, we are at heart adaptive creatures, and require change to function properly.

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