Wednesday, April 23, 2008

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Ministry of Truth

Some of you may have already noticed that I have enabled comment moderation on this blog. This was not my ideal solution, but having 17 spam comments show up despite having the day before enabled the picture-word verification option left me with little choice. I could have left the comments unmoderated and simply closed this blog off to everyone except for members, or even my own personal white-list of blog readers, but both of those options struck me as inferior. I think you, the reader, have a right to anonymity on the internet, and there is no reason that I should require you to register for an online account in order to comment. My suspicion is that you would just stop commenting and avoid the hassle, and I don't want that. So, here is my solemn pledge that despite this unfortunate move towards authoritarian control of my comments, I will not abuse this privilege. This is my desperate last stand in the War on Spam, because I simply have better things to do with my time than deal with the harassment of whatever party or parties unknown that have been maligning my blog of late. I feel filthy writing this, as if I'm rationalizing a piece of draconian “anti-terror” legislation.

I've just been called in to work, so I have to wrap this up quickly. Let me end with a word on these spammers: I load up this page every so often to see if there has been any intelligent discussion on something I've written. Usually there aren't any comments, but now even when it says that there are 6 or 17, it's all spam. It wastes my time, it tries my patience, and I wonder if someone is mocking me because they have no ideas, no vision, no redeeming human qualities whatsoever, and they're taking that out on someone who does. Now, they have made me compromise my principles. I am, understandably, upset. I want answers: I want to know who does this, why they get any lulz from it at all, and how best to dispose of them. I think we should round them up and feed them nothing but Spam until they die.


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