Sunday, October 28, 2007

"Girls are pretty / Girls are nice / Take your chances / Roll the dice"

Snake Eyes.




Laur said...

Double sixes wouldn't have helped. If only women were actually like pen and papers...

Loud said...

I'm not so sure I'd enjoy that, actually; since CHA is everyone's dump stat unless a character requires it, only Bards could get dates. Also, there would be a lot of unattractive female warrior-ranger dual-classes. I'm not sure if the thought of taverns full of socially challenged people quaffing ale could really be called "fantasy" (ironic, no?).

I'm sorry if the comparison comes off as a little crude, because rolling double sixes wouldn't mean what you think I mean it would have (5 times fast? That's what she said? I'm lost too?). No, I had a great time in Montreal. Happiness still sits on the other side of an impossible dice roll, but please don't think I have such a shallow definition of "happiness".

I have the oddest feeling that men are like pen and papers: Charisma is totally my dump stat.

Laur said...

You didn't imply that, but you're also unwilling to take any responsibility for your own actions. You can complain as much as you want about being "unlucky in love," but really, you got out of a bad relationship (good), you made a decision , and you seem unwilling to do anything but mope (it's still emo). I don't like apologies because in my mind they mean nothing, so if you're actually in a permanently apologetic state around me it probably won't end well. I don't think I'm the only one who would have had a slight issue with that post.

Ah well, continue rolling the dice if you wish, but in your metaphor they're weighted and your rolls won't change until you decide to get up and do something. Whoever said good things happen to those who wait must have been a virgin. Go out, meet people, talk to cute girls in your classes, and when you've done everything you POSSIBLY can for a long time and it still doesn't work, then you can complain

PS CHA as dump stat? No WONDER musicians are so cute

GoldMatenes said...

my dump stat was CON.
I figured if I was invincible enough, my skillz would be impressive.

I wasn't wrong...

Loud, I don't mean to interrupt in something I don't know about, but I just want to say: you give a lot, at your own expense, and if you feel like complaining, I think you've more than earned free rein.

Please understand again that this is taken from a completely disconnected context.

CheeseLikeSubstance said...

While I remain uncertain of the nature of the true discussion, there is something I want to clarify: In D&D (And by extension, all other role-playing games), the term "dump stat" refers to the stat that you least care about, and thus to which you hand off your lowest value. Loud was using the term correctly, the other two had it backwards.

As for the main event, bearing in mind my ignorance of the (I assume) events that led to this post, I have to agree with Gold in all particulars. Laur's advice to go out and meet people remains good, however.

Loud said...

Thanks to Cheeselike for posting the above correction.

It amuses me that this post has such a disproportionately large number of comments for its size. And yes, yes I *AM* artificially bumping that number, in a way. Shameless? Not like the number of comments I get on this post is all that important in the grand scheme of the internet, no.

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