Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Tonight We're Gonna Party Like It's Blog Post Ninety-Nine!

Please DO NOT Sign This Petition

I feel almost filthy jumping on the bandwagon of speculation with regards to the end of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, but something popped up in the news, and I consider it my duty to deliver whac-a-mole-style justice!

I speak of this petition, addressed to J.K. Rowling, to have her "resurrect" Harry - after a fashion - and write more adventures for him and his mates...regardless of the events of the supposedly final seventh book. The Citizen article which informed me of its existence provided worrying statistics, namely that some 66% of readers (total) desire more tales of the Boy Wizard's adventures after The Deathly Hallows is published. It revolts me that, when given a seven-book-long series detailing the adventures of a select few people in a vast and compelling world of magic which exists beneath the very noses of us Muggles, the majority of readers would rather have more of the same than deeper explorations into the depths of J.K. Rowling's Wizarding World! It's not surprising that this is the case, of course; people enjoy routine because it is comfortable, because it is easier than being perpetually on one's toes. Adapting to new characters means assimilating new information, means forming new emotional bonds, means using that lump of grayish stuff that occupies the skull - people HATE that.

I will concede that Harry Potter being the phenomenon it is has become more product than art, but I believe that what fans who sign this petition do not understand what they are doing. The Deathly Hallows will surely include the final showdown between Harry Potter and the Dark Lord Voldemort, and that means that ONE OR BOTH WILL DIE. Do these people think that it is a coincidence that J.K. has devoted many a page to discussions of how these two are intertwined? Harry can no more exist as a dramatic character without Voldemort than he can without Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Hagrid, or even the Dursleys! Without a central enemy, he has no motivating force, no perpetual shadow looming over his head, and no destiny. There could be other villains, but none would compare. Even if J.K. went as far as to create another wizard of terrifying evil, the lack of intertwined destinies would make this new malefactor a pale shadow next to The Dark Lord. If she chose to omit a hero-villain conflict for infighting, she would end up writing another sixth book, which to my mind was a jarring transition from angst-vs-evil to hormonal angst which felt forced and artificial. She has said it herself: Harry's story ENDS WITH THE SEVENTH BOOK. Dragging him out for another go-round would feel tired and limp, more so if he's already had to die.

What I WOULD like to see is a new series set somewhere else, because the particulars of the hidden world of magic intrigue me to no end. For example: How are spells made? How did the art of wizardry evolve? What were the circumstances of Hogwarts' founding? What is the daily life of the Minister for Magic like? What kind of dark wizard did Aurors apprehend before Death Eaters and the Dark Lord? See, THESE are good questions which DO NOT require the presence of Harry Potter to answer. I would sign a petition asking for more works in the same universe inhabited by Potter and Company, but I will NOT ask an author to go against her creative vision. Finally, I should point out that it is none other than a BOOK VENDOR which has created this petition. I trust it goes without saying what the true motive for this petition is?

PS: From an artistic point of view, a noble sacrifice seems befitting of Harry Potter. No, I DO NOT think he should be a Jesus figure, but that may be unavoidable, as he has always been something of a messiah to the Wizarding World. There, now you know what my theory is.

It Might Not Unfold Into a Giant Robot...

But my computer is still one of my favourite playthings, and so it is with great pride that I announce my most recent upgrades: A G5 laser gaming mouse, and not one, but TWO new [EDIT] Western Digital (gah, curse my random reflex-writing of "Maxtor" here) 500GB Hard Drives.

My financial situation being what it is, I didn't actually buy either of these; one is a substitute for the prize I am never going to get from the Ontario Reach for the Top people (I am suddenly reminded that I need to blog about both tournaments...), and the other is my Dad realizing that 120GB just doesn't cut it for data storage anymore. It makes these bittersweet upgrades, as much as my true connection to any computer should be through hands-on assembly, rather than purchase. If I'd been able to pay for either or both of these upgrades, I would have had a greater share of the computer ownership. Some people gauge their independence in terms of cars, I judge mine in terms of computers, it's as simple as that. When I buy every component of a new computer, I will feel just that much more sovereign. Moving out will help, too...but it's a great deal more expensive, and so naturally further down the line

I will need a job to accomplish either of these goals, of course, but with at LEAST 3 out of my next 4 weeks being spent on vacation, there seems scant hope or point to the acquisition thereof.

Ah, well. There's always the fall season...

Why do I get the feeling that come fall, I will be telling myself "there's always winter"?



Daydream Believer said...

I'm with you on this one, Loud, at least about the Harry Potter stuff. Mostly. I'd kind of like to see where the characters end up after the end of the sevent book. At the risk of using a cliche, figure out where they wind up after their happily-ever-after, or not so happily. I'd also like to see what happens to some of the minor characters, becuase that's just how I am, I want to know what happened before, after, and alongside the major plotlines of any story.

GoldMatenes said...

I think these people are more concerned about the character of Harry Potter than they are about Harry Potter 7 being a masterwork.

If you've seen "Stranger Than Fiction", you know what I mean.

Howard said...

Just a warning, Maxtors are notorious for their unreliability. Make sure you make a lot of backup...

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