Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Betrayal From Within

A Not Inconsequential Co-Incidence

This is my 88th post, and I'm going to be talking about some of the racist scum that litters our planet. It wouldn't strike many of you as eerie, but that's because you may not be aware of what 88 can mean. The 8th letter of the alphabet is 'H', and 2 of them together (88) is some Neo-Nazi code for “Heil Hitler”. In case you are wondering how I know this, I believe it was in a Citizen article about a worrying rise in Neo-Nazi activities. Anyhow, it is rather appropriate that my 88th post be dedicated to denouncing this blight upon our societies.

It all began when I wanted to listen to one of my favourite political songs of all time; “George Bush Don't Like Black People”, I believe it is called. Well, I decided to look for it on Youtube, because...umm...I'm a bit of a sellout that way, I suppose. It is common knowledge that Youtube commenters are perhaps the least intelligent people on the web this side of Myspace or LJ. Well, in with the n00bz, and the genuinely deficient, there are also the mentally challenged AND racist folk, too. I will not quote any of the filth that was posted below, but if you follow the link you WILL be appalled by some of what you read. Now, I have no idea what comments will be on page 1 by the time you read this, but chances are there will be a good enough example. No need to dig down, your imagination can surely conjure the utter vitriol that some have thrown.

Well, some mention of the BNP – British National Party – in one comment or other on a video jogged a vague memory of a video seen in World Issues class last semester. It was NOT a good memory. Ah, yes, I thought, the genuinely frightening skinhead party in Britain. I was not amused by suggestions that this party sounded like “Reasonable People who want their country back”, even though it's par for the course given the average intelligence of a Youtube commenter (as discussed in the previous paragraph). This was a victim of PR, clearly. A little reading later, and I was in full-on panic mode. This morning brought further bad news, which is that France's mainstream political parties are adopting forms of the extreme-right's immigration control, no, reversal. I'm not talking “ooh, spooky” afraid here, I felt the kind of dread I feel when contemplating a mass extinction by asteroid impact!

As a society, the West has a well-documented history of violence and oppression. If it wasn't being done to outsiders, we were visiting both upon our brothers and sisters! Apologizing for what was done by our ancestors is meaningless, on so many levels. We should not shoulder the blame for actions which are not our own. What we should do is ensure that nothing of their like should ever occur again. It's so easy to apologize to the Acadians for deporting them, when no one is alive to stare you in the face, and tell you just how they suffered. It's easy to be removed. It would be another thing if George Bush looked an ordinary Iraqi man or woman in the eyes, and tried to explain to them why their son/daughter/father/brother is dead. It may sound, it may even BE cliché, but we can only change the future! Groups like the BNP threaten to drag us back into near-barbarism.

We cannot look at the problems in our society, and point to a single cause. The world doesn't work like that. Everyone running the BNP surely knows this, but they understand that people can be made to accept such a declaration as truth. The shepherd leads the sheep, and this shepherd wants the white sheep to fight the black ones. Why? Perhaps because some people get their rocks off creating conflict, and watching the gory aftermath...the greatest snuff film of all, in a way. Determining the real reason can wait until we have these white-trash warlords thrown into one of those convenient Guantanamo-style prison camps (where they can be subjected to the very humiliations they would visit upon the Other). What is important is that they be stopped NOW.

We can start by making immigrants feel welcome in our societies, by following the one rule we all have in common. Welcome others as you would be welcomed, extend them the courtesies you would wish extended. It may be presumptuous to assume they will enjoy or make use of either, but a misinterpreted overture of goodwill is better than no overture at all, in my mind. When people are uneasy, they will look for the familiar, and we end up with ghettos. Add a little poverty to the mix, and you have a recipe for crime. If you knew that a handshake, or a friendly word to a newcomer might save their child from a life of violence, you would give that man or woman the warmest handshake you'd ever given! It may not be so simple, but again, the best course is to act. Handshakes may not cure poverty, but they go a long way towards solving the problem of alienation.

To say that “poverty is a tougher nut to crack” would be rather akin to saying “Robbing Fort Knox will be more than your average stickup”. I sure as hell know what the solution ISN'T, however: deport 'em all, and enforce 'cultural purity'. Even if immigrant groups are statistically more likely to commit crimes, it makes no sense to halt immigration, deport them, or anything of the like. The Fact is that males are FAR more likely to be serial killers than women. Should we ban all men from society for this reason? I hope not...I'm rather fond of my social contract, thankyouverymuch. If groups like the BNP were actually intent upon preserving Western society, they would use REAL logic and reason. There are number of cause-and-effect relationships between poverty, and things Unpleasant. Remove the cause, and we remove the effect. It could conceivably be argued that Immigrants are the cause, and that they should be removed. Sure, if you like forcing people from their homes, dividing families, and otherwise destroying millions of lives, in order to improve others. Even if we decide that the “Greatest Good” is morally right, no matter what evil is done to obtain it, I imagine that the negative consequences of a mass deportation VASTLY outweigh any positive impact upon the “indigenous” Caucasian population. Why is it that arrogant, self-centered right-wing bastards would spend tax money to evict immigrants, when that very same money could go towards enhancing EVERYONE'S quality of life? Perhaps the same reason that the US has publicly-funded killing, and privatized life-saving...whatever that reason is.

I firmly believe that if ANY Western country elects a government in the vein of the BNP - for that matter, any state or province – it is the solemn duty of every other country in the West to declare all-out War against that country (or state, or province), until every single party member or supporter, every single soldier sympathetic to the cause, lies broken, bleeding or dead at our feet (ok, ok...Imprisoned works too, if we must). Why should we indulge in such bloodshed, you ask? Because we fought Hitler in World War II, and these...calling them “people” elevates them above their due...are no better. We could hold our noses, hold our tongues, and say to ourselves “peace in our time”, no matter how repulsive we would find a xenophobic government...or we could learn from history, and waste no time in ERASING THAT GOVERNMENT FROM THE FACE OF THIS EARTH!

Fortunately, there is an alternative. Westerners possessed of the franchise in their country can fight intolerance, injustice, and inequity with the most fearsome weapons of all: their votes. What if you support hatred and intolerance? See above paragraph.

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