Thursday, December 07, 2006

Rabbits from the Magickal Hat!

Sign of the Apocalypse?

I found something that is both popular, and entertaining...what the hell? I mean, these things happen (Star Wars; The Killers; to a lesser extent, the new Battlestar Galactica...), but it is usually a freak of good marketing acumen, and source material that is widely appreciable, yet possessed of great artistic integrity. I suppose Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a prime example. If anyone says 'Friends', I will beat them down. Other than these diamond-rare exceptions, most quality hides in cult classics, such as Firefly, and Farscape - two of the best shows on TV. More successful shows like Stargate SG1 will never quite reach the same level...which is the usual trade -off. Plot arcs discourage casual viewership. Try tackling Charlie Jade without a sense of episode order (as I have done...why haven't I googled an episode guide? huh. oops), and you will see what I mean. I find it amusing that SG1 has nabbed actors from both Farscape and Firefly...Hint: it still won't make you as good as either!

Oh, right....on to what I found. Again, I owe S.M.O. for this one. I have talked to her a lot lately, as she is one of those people I can and will talk to for hours, especially if there is work I am trying to avoid. I think everyone needs such people...people to drink coffee with, share dreams with, people who won't laugh at you for what you think, only make you think harder. I love you people. I hope I appreciate you guys enough that you know who you are.

What's that I hear? "Get on with it"? Ah, yes:

Here is what I found

I may have had just a smidgen too much sugar today, you know...

oh, and read the stuff marked as either "classic" or "controversial" in the sidebars, as the day-to-day stuff is not half as good.

Moving along...

Pokémon Snap...well, not really.

In light of Priestshinegami linking to me with the words "the hat, THE HAT", I feel inclined to share pictures of me and my Very Fine Hat (VFH), for those not fortunate enough to know me personally (ego much? :P). Well, I got my hands on our sweet digital SLR camera, and proceeded to take a great many pictures. Off the bat, I will tell you that these photos occasionally lie...I have not shown the messes that surround some of the stuff. They're not as bad as the one in my room, but they are there, nonetheless. My quasi photo safari:

Can I get a "HELLZ YEAH!!!!"...?

'Nuff said. The Kibosh has been positively slammed on Harper, and especially those who voted Conservative to appease their hateful homophobic senses. I am practically jubilant now, because had things gone the other way, no Canadian could claim that this is the best place in the world to live. Not a one of us. It has been so many years since we tried to leave the racism and discrimination that marred much of our think that we almost went back upon our progress is a troubling thought. I have made my views on same-sex couples' rights quite clear in the past, so I don't think I need to say more. Well, except:

In your faces, Stephen Harper, Pope Benedict, and David Warren! Now crawl back into the spawning pits of hate from whence you came!


I needed a nice blanket title for my end-of-post thoughts...the blog is not going to be over anytime soon, fear not.

The Daydream Believer is now angry at Gold for certain comments made by the latter. Her posts (DB) are intentionally cryptic in nature, so I apologize if anyone finds only confusion in attempting to understand the nature of this altercation. I'd rather not put this bad blood through the centrifuge, as it were...but I will make my mind plain before you, as I have some observations:

I know both Gold, and DB to be kind and honest people, prince(sse)s among men/women, no hyperbole. They can both be...distanced, and at the same time be very warm people, paradoxically. Gold...I think he sought out others that understood, people who would accept the distance. I'm not sure about DB, but I know that Gold is wrong to say she does not answer as much as she asks. I have talked with her at length on occasion...she does not lack stories to tell, that is for certain. To his credit, Gold did post on his blog that he allowed himself to read another person, and that it had brought him trouble in the past. The question posed by my mind was "Is it better to speak your mind, and give someone an answer they will not like, or to hold your tongue?" After some consideration, I think it was kinder of Gold to tell DB what he believed she would not want to hear....but needed to. On the other hand, being the age we are, we may ask the sort of questions DB asked, because we need reassurance that we will not reach our darker potential. Being told that one hasn't changed in 4 years is hardly a confidence builder when one wishes to forge a new identity, a separate identity from times past.

DB, you are perhaps a little distant, but that needn't be so, not if you do not wish it to be. Trust and closeness are not easy things to form at the best of times, of course...I trust a number of people, but then I have known most of those people for many years now (ie. since third grade). For what it's worth, I trust you.

Gold, I think you should not let people's reactions stop you from speaking your mind. So long as they know that you mean to help them confront that which they are afraid to admit to themselves.

Coming Next Week:

Why the French colloquialism for "Orgasm" is, in fact, the basis for an excellent theory on the meaning of life. No, I am not on drugs. Yes, I am as scared as you are.

(23:27:22) [name] said: (Loud) everything just went horribly horribly wrong

a real IM. It seems there is a drama-storm headed this way. Take cover, people.


Priestshinigami said...

W00t w00t, awsome man. We should go for coffee some time. Muha ha ha haha talk as loud as oyu want. I don't understand fully with Gold and DB but .... DB for a secon di thought was, dead body, decomp! lol ahhhh never mind... w00t w00t. happymoods!

GoldMatenes said...

You have to understand that all I say is to make people think. I only know what I observe and I have observed very little change over 4 years. Of all the questions I asked, I received no clear answer. How do I use information I am not given?

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