Saturday, December 30, 2006

Pure Aluminum Sex

So there is no new computer as of yet, but when the day comes, I have a luscious new Lian-Li PC-v1000 to house it in. In the meantime, my Athlon 64 3000+ is in residence. For a case with 2 120mm fans preloaded, plus an 80mm power supply fan, this thing is just pleasantly humming along beside me at the moment. Upstairs, a new ASRock motherboard gives life (and crappy integrated graphics) to our old Athlon XP 1700+. The upshot is that said integrated graphics have decent Linux GL drivers, so OpenGL games will run under WINE. Not well, but they will run. Glee!

(For those of you who hate the performance ratings, the 3000+ is 2.0GHz, with 512K L2 cache, and the 1700+ is 1.47GHz with 256K L2 cache.)

I will spare you paragraphs of praise for this wondrous new case of mine, and go straight to pictures. Due to being unable to find the USB cable for the digital camera, I had to improvise and use my TV tuner to capture from the camera's analog video cable. I apologize for the lower quality of the pics, as a result of this.

The Case Itself:

Lookin' sharp with the Very Fine Hat:

A boy and his dog case:

The case alone is quite light

The Lian-Li in it's n47ur4l h4b1747:

Not to forget a bonus pic from a while ago:

That's all for tonight. Political content and some Sci-Fi writing to come later on, time permitting. My dialogue needs major overhauls, but progress is happening.

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Priestshinigami said...

The last picture you look like carrot top.. Very hot man..

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