Thursday, November 02, 2006

Pimp My...Self?

I should be working on World Issues right now, but I thought a quick PSA would be in order (possibly followed by some Real Content and such).

A few years back, I discovered the goodness that had come of "Brickfilming" (think Claymation, but with bricks instead). I even had my parents buy a webcam to try my hand at it. Long story short is that I have yet to actually film anything of substance - a common fate for many dreams that have gone nowhere. It's not as cool or exciting as it once was, but it's still very much around.

Tip: don't watch 90% of the stuff on Brickfilms until you've seen the best (Don't click the links yet!)
and Here
oh, and This is a VERY cool CGI Lego film. Most Excellent!

But I save one for last. Truly, there is no better way to be introduced to Brickfilms than the glory that is 'Bluntmation'. Oddly enough, the movies involve little to no stoner humour. What they DO contain is wickedly, WICKEDLY funny shit.

Now, when you click that link, you will find not films, but a site indeed. If you want the films, follow the link to his YouTube account, and start at the earliest of his work. Now, what IS on his page is why I'm PSA-ing. This dude needs some cash, and he is (figuratively) pimping himself out to get it. I may buy his DVD, if I have some cash, but there are many options. So please, as a blogger to an audience, I ask you to support a dude who I may not know at all, but who has made me laugh my motherfucking ASS OFF many a time. As a bonus, he's not just cyber-begging: you actually get stuff for your dollar.

In other news, support Real Charities, too. There are needy people out there who haven't even got Lego to play with, much less food to eat, or cameras to turn either activity into hilarious entertainment. Seriously, though. Once I have a little saved up, I should donate. I have some half-baked notion about some kinda pledge, where whenever I buy a new Computer game, I also give the same / half / other significant fraction to charity (on top of the purchase, obviously). I think that would bankrupt me before long, but at least I'd have helped more people than just me.

Played the SE 5 tutorial. It doesn't explain everything, but the game makes a little more sense. Now if only I had time to play it at all....

Finally, I am HELLA PSYCHED, because Valve has announced that they will be harnessing the raw power that is Core 2 Quadro. Hopefully AMDs 4x4 or true Quad-Cores will also be supported (gotta be ready if they end up being faster). The real winner here is Gordon Freeman, of course. 4 cores....oh the possibilities.


I really should get more sleep. I am getting a sore throat, methinks. I hope it goes away by the Weekend. Yeah...that'll happen...


Again, I'll have to pass on my usual rant today. It's 1:30 ish, and I am in serious need of food and/or sleep. There is some promising news in my New Scientist about Science and the political landscape States-Side. I'll give it a read, and it should be part of my next post.

People who know me and read this blog: Get Skype, 'cause I have a hair-brained idea about recording a podcast, or something. You COULD be all a-like "no", but then you'd be turning your back on a perfectly entertaining opportunity.

Until next time, remember that your risk of spontaneously combusting is pretty small. Comforting, that.

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