Thursday, November 30, 2006

Bundle Of Joy

I am speaking of children only metaphorically, of course. Last night, I happened to receive a rather copious amount of used computer parts (a.k.a. "Junk") from my next-door neighbour who is moving to South Africa. Among other things, this means that my basement is essentially forfeit for the next few days. Having read up on hardware for quite some time, there was one part which stood out: an Abit PA-256 deluxe, "Afterburner" graphics card. This thing may be an old-school Geforce 2 GTS card, but I recall that it was built to overclock significantly. Looking at the weeny little HSF (HeatSink-Fan) on the thing, it's hard to believe...but what the heck. There was one CPU included, and it turned out to be a celeron 950MHz. I threw together a couple of the parts, and I have a system up and almost ready to get a hard drive and some OSes. The Specs:

950MHz Cellie
Gigabyte GA-6VXC7-4x (I would have tried the Soyo slot 1 board with 4 ram slots, to this one's 3, but my slocket adapter has a broken heat sink clip on the socket)
Abit PA-256 deluxe, 32MB
128MB PC-133 SDRAM
SB Live!
Unknown Canopus card (possibly DV...has some 3dfx chips on it)
10/100 ethernet card
Pioneer slot-load DVD drive (speed as yet unknown)
(colours correspond to the colour of the parts)

It's nostalgiariffic! I'm kinda bummed about the low RAM, though.

I changed the processor HSF for the one from our now-out-of-service Athlon XP rig, and gave it some new thermal grease. There's only one thing left to do: Unholy Overclocking!

I will get around to taking some photos of this thing, and I may post them here....maybe with those promised pics of my dual celeron 400 setup. I am the geekz0r. They are the geekz0rz.

I am the WALRUS! koo koo kachoo!

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