Thursday, October 12, 2006

"Hokay, so here's de Earth..."

If you don't get the reference, I'd like to hear all about that rock you've been living under. Or you could just go watch the thing. Whichever.

Stratford Review #2 - Twelfth Night

The play itself was - as far as I know - the original script (well, if what we have now is indeed the original, but I digress), so not a lot to say about the plot.

The actors were wonderful, and the costumes and props were likewise excellent. The 1860s India look works (unlike the 60's theme for 'As You Like It' last year). The Duke Orsino is a lavishly-dressed Indian noble, and the set is evocative of the region. The rest of the cast is more or less UK stock (Sir Andrew is a Scot, for example), especially the redcoats who arrest Antonio. It's an interesting look, and it even comes with some Bollywood-flavoured dancing at the end. Fun stuff.

Stay tuned for Review #3: the Glass Menagerie.

Saw a video on BioWeapons today. Scary stuff. I almost feel that there should be some kind of huge pool on how humanity, the world, or both are going to end. There are more than enough ways, that's for sure. it's a MAD, MAD world.

Until next time, keep your hands off the RED button!

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