Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Crackers Don't Matter

If you get the title, I love you forever. If not...better luck next time :P.

Guest posting continues, this time from my girl[relationship status unclear], Star. Her writings will be in Times New Roman, just to keep things simple (her original 'Verdana' was too close to my default)

Ok, so apparently Loud wants to continue his whole “guest post” thing-a-majig, why he’s asking me to post I don’t really know, ‘cause I don’t have all that much to say, but we’ll see how it goes. Anyhow, my name is Star and I am special among this little group because I am in University, and I am a girl. University, for me anyhow, isn’t exactly all it’s cracked up to be, not a lot of work, though I suppose if I were more motivated I would do more work like studying and re-writing notes. Also, I find it’s far too easy to just not go to class, especially when you feel like I do some days, let me say now this is a BAD IDEA, it doesn’t get you anywhere except farther behind and when your in small classes a teacher on your case, they tell you university profs don’t care about you, but some do, and you can tell. What else to say…..I have a job too, that’s not really so great either, tiny store, obsessive owner, not a lot to do, small staff making it hard to find someone to cover when you get sick(which sucks SO bad when you’re working and can’t leave ‘cause no one can cover but you feel like such shit). I realize you people were probably hoping for something about politics and the world today, if so just skip this whole part, ‘cause I didn’t have anything to say on that stuff I was told to just ramble about myself, which I find I’m doing quite well. Well, to make things more interesting for me, my best friend is quizzing me to figure out what my “ideal man” looks like, which I find rather silly because I don’t find people all that attractive until I get to know them at least a bit, but me and him always have some of the most interesting and hilarious conversations that can involve calling me a chocolate croissant sweet and yummy, or more serious things like moving out and actually meeting people. Anyhow, I suppose I ought to wrap this up, put anyone actually reading this out of their misery. For anyone reading this with hopes of figuring out what the hell is going on between me and Loud, the answer I have for you is “I wish I knew”. We broke up, for a lot of reasons, if you want to know details, ask me, I’d be glad to talk about it, at the beginning of September, and I hear you asking that was almost 2 months ago how is it still not sorted out, well I’ve tried, but he’s not been the easiest person to pin down and have a conversation about this with. I know we can’t be together again, not now, maybe not ever, but I can’t say that for sure, but I’d like to still be friends, and apparently that ain’t working out too well ‘cause he likes to go about thinking we’re still together making problems for me because I know it’s not an easy subject and I don’t like confrontations but I know by putting it off I’m only making it worse but I can’t help not wanting to hurt people, I suppose that may be why I push so many people away, I don’t want to hurt them by telling them what’s happened to me, and believe me when I say a lot of shit’s happened to me. But back to the whole part where I’m wrapping this up……XD oops. I talk a lot when I get the chance, in case you hadn’t noticed. Anyhow, my sister’s got a job, basically, selling luggage on Oxford Street in London which is pretty awesome, seeing how she’s just been there 2 weeks, so maybe one of these days I’ll get lucky like her and find something for me to do that is interesting, until then, I’ll keep babbling on about pointless stuff like myself. Good night.

Again, I will welcome submissions from people I know. I may get around to fixing myself a separate Gmail account for this blog, in case any reader who is not familiar with me can have a go at posting. Remeber: use cool pseudonyms, and Funny Colours, in abundance.


Instead of doing much homework, I ended up reading/watching some neat stuffs on the new(er) Battlestar Galactica show. Sadly, my TV tuner software is refusing to launch properly, so I never end up seeing new episodes. It really is a shame, because with no more Firefly or Farscape to watch, BSG stands as one of the real heirs to quality SF programming (the only other one I can think of right now is the new Doctor Who). It's depressing to read the plot synopses, and remember just how good it was to look forward to pizza and Farscape on Friday nights. Enterprise got 5 seasons before they canceled it for the crap it was: why were Farscape and Firefly cut short before their times? These were shows that had no such thing as a 'dud' episode, as far as I can remember. Farscape could have concluded with "the best damn episodes ever" (an actual quote from one of the producers, or near enough to quote), and Firefly could have gone many places.

Sure, both shows were 'concluded' in Mini-Series and Movie form (Farscape, Firefly, respectively), and both were AMAZING in their own right. 'The Peacekeeper wars' were 3-odd hours of the best TV ever, and Serenity is a beautiful movie. The problem is, neither was true justice to shows that deserved a fair shake. Serenity was rather incongruous with Firefly (a short jump, but a jump nonetheless), but if those elements had been woven into the show over time, would have fit rather well (although Blue Sun corporation would have to play a larger role; its logo is EVERYWHERE in the series, and it is known to have played a role in River Tam's conditioning). PK wars...well....needed to be Season 5.

Sorry for the decided lack of political commentary today. There will be some coming your way soon. Anyhow, I like to keep things mix-ed up.

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