Monday, July 10, 2006

Not that it needs to be reaffirmed, but I'm Loud. In person, people generally find me lacking of any real 'indoor voice', and a bit overbearing. At this point, you might say "What an imaginative name for your profile" and roll your eyes - which I won't begrudge you, if you are one of THOSE people - but it really comes from the best introduction I ever received. Some friends of mine from a different school were introducing me to a friend of theirs, whom I did not know. It lasted 6 words: "Loud, meet Stupid. Stupid, meet Loud"* I suppose I got the better end of the deal, but this had been debated upon. It has also been suggested that the above phrase might also serve to describe me alone.

"So, what's this Blog about?", you ask [insert melodramatic phrase akin to "heart-in-your-throat" here]. As if I know. I'm also a talk-before-I-think person. Not to the point of blurting out horribly honest confessions at inopportune times (there's a good story there, but it's not for this post, perhaps not for this blog at all - It wasn't my doing, at any rate), but I doubt I'll have any single purpose. "Oh joy, oh RAPTURE!"** I hear you smartasses cry, "Another 'my crazy brain-dump' Blog...this guy's a veritable FOUNTAIN of originality" Actually, I have very little to say to that; I am a 'Random Thoughts' kinda guy. I'll at least try to have something interesting in my head before I empty it onto the page, though. On a final note, the whole 'Chilli Powder' thing has to do with me making said observation - while talking about ADHD - at random. Not too great a story, I know...what'd you expect?

*The whole 'Stupid' thing is, of course, funnier if you know the guy. Suffice it to say, it was fitting enough to be funny. Feel free to post so-called "better introductions" in your comments. No prizes, but you can ummm...feel good about it if people agree that yours is best. Maybe lord it up over some people.

**Yes, this IS a Gilbert and Sullivan reference. I said "smartasses", didn't I?

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